The Sheffield Separator Company is pleased to announce two new models to add to its line-up of gas and liquid separators. The SS1200-GF-S1-C and the SS700-GF-S1-C feature a single filter in series with a dual chamber cooler. These unique separators are designed and built for demanding applications where cooling is necessary to maintain a single phase sample. The SS1200-GF-S1-C is recommended for the most demanding applications requiring the highest performance and the most reliable separator and filters. The SS700-S1-C is recommended for gas samples with moderate to heavy particulate and heavy to moderate condensable contamination where the smaller footprint is desirable.

Both models feature the addition of a cooler which provides the benefit of cooling the sample to increase condensation, thereby maintaining a single phase sample. The introduction of a separator with an integral cooler is a significant step forward in sample conditioning, particularly for samples containing heavy condensable contamination, without the expense of an external cooler. For more information about these new separators visit the Sheffield Separator Website,