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New Lab Panels

Posted October 27, 2015

The Sheffield Separator Company is pleased to announce the addition of Lab Sample Conditioning System Panels to our product offerings.  These panels will feature the patented Sheffield Dual Chamber Kinetic Separator and are designed to clean and condition laboratory samples either at the collection point in the field or in the laboratory.  These panels are…Continue Reading »

Introducing Our New Managing Member – Carroll Cobb

Posted December 12, 2014

The Sheffield Separator Company is pleased to announce that Carroll Cobb has been made a Managing Member of the company. Carroll holds a J.D. from the University of South Carolina, and practiced law in South Carolina and Texas before starting her own business. As a business consultant, she has worked with many small and mid-sized…Continue Reading »

Kinetic Energy Separation

Posted November 12, 2014

Glenn Sheffield and Carroll Cobb presented a paper entitled “Kinetic Energy Separation” at the annual ISA conference held in Baton Rouge, LA. The paper explains the theoretical basis for kinetic energy separation and presents its practical implications for sample conditioning. Following the presentation of the paper, Glenn fielded questions from the attendees. A copy of…Continue Reading »

Two New Models

Posted October 8, 2014

The Sheffield Separator Company is pleased to announce two new models to add to its line-up of gas and liquid separators. The SS1200-GF-S1-C and the SS700-GF-S1-C feature a single filter in series with a dual chamber cooler. These unique separators are designed and built for demanding applications where cooling is necessary to maintain a single…Continue Reading »

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